Welcome To Our Blog

Hi, friends! Welcome to our blog!

Oh, you’ve been here before and we aren’t fooling anybody? Busted. You got us.

As some of you might remember, we started this blog in early 2016 and posted so infrequently that the neglect was sinful. When we did make time to write posts and share pictures, this space revolved around our love of family adventures. And our bus.



We purchased a municipal bus from the 70’s and completely gutted it with big plans to convert it into a weekend warrior mobile. It was going to be our ticket out of suburbia each time we got the itch to travel, which is often, but we ran into quite a few costly issues (faulty wiring, weight limitations and safety concerns) and our long-term plans changed. We donated the bus, celebrated what we learned from the experience, and looked forward to more minivan road trips.

As 2018 approaches, we have made a renewed commitment to sharing our adventures with you right here, on our blog. To kick things off, we have given this space a face lift for our fresh start.

So as I was saying…

Hi, friends! Welcome to our blog!



We are a fun-loving family of six who are wildly passionate about adoption and family adventures. We will use this space to share the places we visit, our tips on traveling with children, ideas to help you get on the open road more often without breaking the bank, and all of the mishaps and messy moments in-between.

As we dive into sharing our adventures, we will be engaging in time travel so that you can see where we’ve been before the blog. We will do our best to share current admission prices and location details but just in case we miss updates and changes, we will always be sure to let you know when the travel is current, and when it is a blast from the past.

To learn more about our family, check out our ABOUT page. You can search for reviews of the places that we’ve visited by exploring our MAP, which will fill up fast so stay tuned for that. You can also come hang out with us on INSTAGRAM!To ensure that you don’t miss out on an update, we invite you to subscribe to our blog by dropping your email into the box on the right-hand side.

We can’t wait to share our adventures with you! Thanks for reading along!



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