Happy New Year!

Though we are only a handful of hours into 2018, we hope that this new year is treating you well. More than anything, we hope that it will be the year that you trust your gut and run hard after your dreams. That’s our plan for 2018. We are stoked for this fresh start!

To bid adieu to 2017, we drove down to the coast for an epic three-day weekend of hiking, exploring and shivering in the wind chill. We didn’t originally set out to accomplish five hikes in one day, but when the sun rose on Saturday morning and we were able to get an eyeful of what we arrived to in the middle of the night, we knew that we wouldn’t be sitting still for long. The children were ecstatic to get on the trails, so we started our first hike at 7:00 AM and headed out for our last at 8:00 PM.



We are packing up and heading home today but we couldn’t wait to share this incredible place with you! The trails aren’t marked, so we have no idea what the names of them are – if they even have names. Los Padres National Forest is where we are, just about a mile outside of Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, located on TV Tower Road which is accessible by Highway 101.

The road is steep, with more tight turns than we can count, and it is a popular location for mountain biking. We have also noticed shotgun shells and pieces of clay pigeons scattered along a few trails, however we haven’t heard gunfire or encountered any safety issues.



What is most incredible about this spot is the ever-changing view. On one side of our cliff (well, temporarily ours) is a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean. We can see Morro Rock, and before that, rolling green hills. On the other side of our cliff, the mountain view goes for miles and there is lush growth as far as the eye can see. Stand almost anywhere on TV Tower Road and you will have a breathtaking 360 degree view. When the wind picks up, the clouds roll by like you’d see in a time lapse, or a movie, but this is in real time and the experience is real¬†magical.



We are likely driving home, or already there, as you read this. What we’d give to be able to stay long, hike farther and explore deeper! To celebrate the accomplishment of five hikes in one day, and to share the epic views from our adventure with you, we put together a video. The first day of the new year seems as good a time as any to launch a YouTube channel, right?



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Most of all, we hope that you all have a very safe, healthy and happy 2018. As for our wild tribe, we will be here, chasing dreams and exploring new places to fall in love with.



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