One year ago, and for many years before that, we were living the American Dream. Sure, our version of that might have been a little more eccentric than the imagery of a white picket fence, but even with our twist on life, we were in deep.

I, Kate, spent five years in Corporate America. I started in national sales and then advanced to the international sector where I loved the people and my position; a mashup of project management and leadership in civic affairs.

During that time, Jason transitioned out of a ten year investment in ministry and returned to his roots in Information Technology. Corporate banking proved to be an exciting environment for Jason to contribute to and in a few short years, he accepted two promotions, created his own position and was recently given the title of Officer, which is a big deal.

With two biological babes and two adopted undertow, we were growing our careers, our family, and service to the adoption community.



From the outside looking in, we had arrived. We were a couple of kids who grew up together in Central California, stealing time away on road trips to see our favorite bands. Then we did a synchronized cannonball into the status quo of adulthood. A mortgage, a family, great careers…but it wasn’t enough. In fact, it was too much.

There are a thousand little things and a few major events that fold into the telling of this story, but we’ll save those details for another day. What each moment, battle and victory added up to was one very clear thing: We needed far less and so much more.



We needed less of our egos. We needed to be less important to ourselves. Less apathy and ignorance in our privilege. We needed less stuff in our home, less stuff on the calendar and less fear about our future.

We wanted more of the world. More variety, more adventures, more culture, more resources and more freedom from the life we had spent years convincing ourselves that we were supposed to be living. We wanted an American Dream that is as colorful as the fabric of who we are as a nation. Gritty moments, hard working minds, vulnerable hearts, eyes that are wide open, and voices that are unafraid to make beautiful noise.

We started to realize and name these things. We went as far as declaring that 2015 was the year of LESS STUFF, MORE US. Every few months, we donated toys and clothes. We invested in traveling on the weekends, quality homeschool material and poured into personal growth and healing from past pains. That little taste of change was enough to ignite a fire in our bellies.

In 2016, we evaluated relationships and made difficult but necessary changes. We said “no” to invitations that didn’t feed our souls, and we took ownership of our free time, putting it to good use in the mountains, at the beach and everywhere in between.

In 2017, we realized that we weren’t seeking a better balance. We were seeking a better life.

We wanted to exist inside of quality, not quantity. We wanted to have the same passion for work that we did for family and travel.

Last spring, I quit my corporate job. I spent the summer at home with our children and set intentions to secure a remote position by the fall. By late summer, I was hired into my dream job. We paid off our remaining debt, bought a used fifth wheel, bought a used truck, brought the children home full-time for homeschool and set our eyes on some very big goals.



2018 is a huge year for us. HUGE.

Our home is in escrow, we’ve donated most our stuff, our fifth wheel remodel is nearly complete, Jason has given notice at his job (man, we are going to miss that crew so bad) and the countdown is on. In a matter of weeks, we will realize our goal of having far less and so much more.

We are becoming digital nomads!

We will live in 190 square feet. Two adults, four kids and a mini schnauzer.

Together, we will explore our beautiful country. We will work from the road, homeschool outside and invest our time in a life that we have been craving for years. A life full of beauty, adventure and quality. A life that is not void of difficulty, stress or sleepless nights. Make no mistake – this won’t be a vacation. But it will be inspiring, exciting and wild.

We’ve been quietly practicing for a year. When we aren’t spending weekends tearing apart and putting back together our tiny home, we’ve been on the road, pulling it up the sides of mountains and parking it with views of valleys, lakes, oceans and skyscrapers.

We are so ready for this. We’ve been ready.

You might have some questions. We are happy to answer them all, and we promise to share more details in the near future. A tour of the remodeled fifth wheel, a map of where we are going and where we have been, estimated timelines, homeschool curriculum, plans for the future…you name it, we’ll talk about it.

But for now, we want to sit inside of the emotion of leaving the place where we grew up and put down roots. We want to spend our final weeks here in appreciation for what we have had, what has been poured into our lives, and what we are leaving behind. We are going to wrap ourselves up in long hugs with those who have walked closely with us, and we are going to savor the sweetness of every “see you later” that we speak. We are going to carefully escort our children (who are over the moon with excitement and have been for a year!) through their emotions, their memories and goodbyes. And then, together as a family, we will hit the road.

As John Muir would say, the world is big and we want to have a good look at it before it gets dark. There is so much beauty to see and celebrate! We can’t wait to share it with you!




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