The Central Coast in California has been one of our staple destinations for weekend trips for many years. Jason’s father and step-mother live in one of the coastal communities, and we have long enjoyed visits to their home. This time, we took our home with us.

In our very first episode, we share the highlights of our time at the coast. We were there for five days in early April and in that time, we hiked, visited a museum, played in the ocean, learned about elephant seals, and enjoyed a dance party at a farmer’s market. Enjoy our first episode, and be sure to scroll down for all of the details about our experience!



Avila Beach: We had a wonderful time at the seasonal farmer’s market in Avila! It takes place from April through September every year and we were there for the first one of the 2018 season, which was quite the party! Located on the downtown promenade, we enjoyed the breeze from the coast and view of the water while chowing down on festival food. Restaurants and shops line the beachfront property, providing ample shopping and dining experiences. If you are ever in the Avila Beach area, be sure to visit the market! It is a family friendly event for all ages.

Morro Bay State Park: To read about our experience at the RV park, check out our review on Campendium.

Museum of Natural History: The museum is within walking distance of the RV park, inside of Morro Bay State Park. Before entering the museum, be sure to hike on top of it! That’s right – there is a paved trail that winds around the cliff that the museum sits on and a small dirt trail that takes you to the top of the museum for breathtaking views of the Pacific. It can be a bit windy and foggy, so plan accordingly!

Inside the museum, you’ll learn all about Morro Rock, Morro Bay, and the Pacific Coast. From the animals that live there to the way the sea has caused erosion along the coastline, there is plenty to learn! You can find out more here: Museum of Natural History

San Simeon: The elephant seals in San Simeon provide an excellent hour (or more!) of entertainment. The seals spend up to 10 months in the ocean, diving to incredible depths and migrating thousands of miles. When the seals are ready to breed and birth pups, the males fight for real estate and make a home among the coast of Point Piedras Blancas.

Though raising their young is a top priority, they also take time to rest and molt. Many of the adult seals leave the rookery by late March, leaving the pups to explore the area. In April, females and teen seals arrive to begin the process of molting. This is when we visited and it was a great learning opportunity! The children even held molted elephant seal fur!

The Friends of the Elephant Seal do an exceptional job of educating visitors, answering questions and protecting the elephant seals. You might not be able to visit the seals while they hang out in San Simeon but you can watch them on a live cam right now! Check out the seals and be sure to read the “What’s Happening Now” page for a play-by-play of their activities here: Friends of the Elephant Seal

Moonstone Beach: This beach is in Cambria, a popular destination on the Central Coast. After a sandy day spent at Avila Beach, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that Moonstone Beach is absent of sand. In fact, as its name suggests, the ground is covered in small, smooth, black stones.

Moonstone Beach was a great place to explore tide-pools, climb on rocks and watch for sea life! Though we didn’t see any whales or seals, we were visited by a small garden snake that ventured away from the grassy cliffs for a sunny slither on the warm stones. One thing to keep in mind is that Moonstone Beach is not dog friendly. It might be in certain areas, but where we spent our afternoon (near Sand Pebbles Inn), there were signs posted that prohibited pups.

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