When one thinks of travel, there is a lot of imagery that can come to mind. Tourist destinations, epic hikes, white sand, iconic buildings, great food…the list is endless and there’s a good chance that the act of sitting isn’t on it.

Traveling the way we do, there is a lot of sitting that takes place. We spend hours at a time in our truck when moving our camper from one location to the next. We sit to work, we sit for some of our schoolwork, we sit for important conversations, and we sit to wait on dryers at laundromats.

This post isn’t about every boring, mundane place we have sat over the course of the last year. Although, wouldn’t that be kind of funny?

Instead, we want to share some of the most unique, breathtaking, exciting and even challenging places where we have planted our booties during our first year of full-time travel.

Santa Cruz, CA: Though it was a rainy day, we had a great time exploring the boardwalk. Sitting in a flashy car on a fast ride is a sure way to make Calvin scream with glee. The children also visited a neat museum while in the area. You can catch our fun here.

Bend, OR: We were fortunate to stay with friends who shared some of the best of Bend with us. Here’s the whole crew sitting atop Lava Butte, a geologically active volcano that hasn’t erupted in over a million years. We even ventured inside of lava caves while in Bend! You can see that video here.

Seattle, Washington: While visiting dear friends, we enjoyed exploring their neighborhood. Seward Park is not far from their home and is surrounded by water with incredible views and a trail for hiking. It’s where we found this whirly-gig. What a fun flashback to our childhoods! These aren’t common playground finds where we are from.

ID: Despite our best efforts, we cannot recall the specific location of this next spot. It will likely come to us in the middle of the night.

We ventured out on a rainy afternoon to find a farm that was rumored to be quite popular among children. When we arrived, we quickly discovered that it was a seasonal farm that came alive in the Fall with pumpkins and hay rides. While wandering their grounds (with permission) to look at animals and ride ponies, another family passed along a recommendation to visit a nearby lavender farm. Some of our best adventures have been the ones we stumbled into!

Balancing Rock, ID: It was quite an adventure to find this spot. After a wrong turn, and getting a bit stuck on a hill, we were gobsmacked by the beauty of this location. Our fifth wheel was parked in a canyon, between tall rock walls that changed their color throughout the day. We hiked a trail, met fellow travelers and best of all, enjoyed the chilly river on our watermelon float.

Moab, Utah: We saved our pennies for a few months with this excursion in mind. Renting a six-seater UTV was one of the top highlights of 2018. We explored several trails in Moab and had the bumpiest, dirtiest time of our lives! If you ever have the opportunity to buckle into one of these machines, we can’t recommend it enough.

Dead Horse Point, UT: The beauty of Dead Horse Point is something that is far better experienced than photographed or typed about. It was stunning and rendered us speechless for a long while. We spent most of our time standing along the edge of the cliff, in awe of what was below. When we made our way to the walking trail, we found this rock formation, which gave us an entirely different view of the canyons below.

Pagosa Springs, CO: This quaint town is surrounded by the San Juan Mountains and has the San Juan River running through it. The scenery alone is incredible but what attracts tourists and locals alike to the downtown area is the water. Pagosa Springs is home to 23 mineral hot springs and we were happy to partake in a soak.

Albuquerque, NM: After years of looking forward to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, we finally made it! One of the unexpected joys of our trip was visiting the museum where we learned about the history of hot air balloons and pretended to be pilots. This is a real basket!

Mesa, AZ: October is one of our favorite months. We weren’t sure if we’d find a festive place to gather pumpkins in Arizona, but it turns out that the party doesn’t stop in the heat. We had a great time exploring a corn maze, riding in a cow train, jumping on in-ground trampolines and rolling around in these big barrels. Knees counts as sitting, right?

San Diego, CA: This is the top deck of a double-deck bus at the San Diego Zoo. The zoo is so big that there was no way we could see it all in one day (we were there for seven hours!) so this bus was an absolute joy to ride. We were able to see several exhibits from the top deck while we rested our legs and snacked on granola. If you ever make it to this zoo, be sure to hop onto the bus!

Williams Hill, CA: The children play outside every chance they get, and this location was no exception. What makes this spot unique is that the weather was perfect for staying out late for some Lego building. The kiddos set up an outdoor light at the picnic table and worked on their creations for hours.

There are plenty more places where we sat with delight however, these are some of our top pics. When we set out to travel, we didn’t consider the neat places where we would take a seat but quickly realized that our great country can be enjoyed from all positions and angles.

The next time you venture out, pay attention to where you sit. There are views to be found everywhere!

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