This is one of my favorite posts on our blog yet, and there are several reasons why.

As a writer, I have a deep appreciation for well-written books. As a reader, I find books to be one of the most honest offerings that a person can make to the world and I hold those who are brave enough to write their truth in high regard. As a parent, I slobber all over the books that teach me something new and encourage my heart in all seasons, but especially those of defeat, frustration, worry and white-knuckling.

“Your children will face many challenges in the years ahead, so you want to raise them to be resilient – strong, adaptable, and able to recover. It is your mission to empower your son or daughter to cultivate a functional and fulfilling life.” – Resilience Parenting

When an advance copy of Resilience Parenting came to my inbox in eBook form, I stopped everything that I was doing to dive in. Three chapters later, I closed my laptop.

This is a big deal.

We have one small shelf for books in our camper. One. As an unashamed book addict, this simply cannot do so I buy eBooks and save the shelf for the books that we can’t live without. These are the books that we have to read monthly, sometimes weekly. They are the ones that offer guidance, encouragement, support and a swift kick in the rear. They are, in a way, a guiding light of literature.

“In Resilient Parenting, martial arts instructors Chris and Holly Santillo share the insights they have gained as teachers and parents. They offer positive alternatives to lecturing, bribing, and punishing; focusing instead on three Pillars: Learning, Integrity, and Service. By applying these powerful principles, you can inspire your children to develop the independence they need to succeed as adults, while renewing their connection to family and community.” – Resilience Parenting

I closed my laptop on Resilience Parenting because, almost suddenly, I knew that it had a place in our traveling home. I knew that I needed to hold the words in my hands and highlight my little heart out. I like reading ebooks, but when I find a book that I need to read, I have to hold it. Anybody else?

This would mean, however, that I had to wait a few weeks for the paperback to be released and then a few more days for it to ship. Admittedly, I returned to my laptop several times to read additional pages because when it comes to great books, I have no self control.

I did not expect to have a signed copy of the book handed to me over my plate of pizza where the authors’ children and our own kiddos played table games but that’s what happened and I nearly fell over.

Chris and Holly were on their first official day of their new lifestyle as full-time travelers. We’ve known each other for just over a year but the relationship was limited to phone calls, emails and texts. When we arranged to get our families together, the date immediately stood out. Not only would it be their first day of full-time travel, but also the day that their book would publish.

Sharing the day with them was an absolute honor. Celebrating over pizza when Resilience Parenting hit number one on Amazon was icing on the cake. The greatest gift, however, was witnessing their parenting.

Chris and Holly did not write a book full of philosophy and fluff. They wrote a book from their arsenal of honest experiences, learning, mistakes and victories in parenting and there we were, seeing their words come to life before us. It was an absolute privilege, and admittedly, a bit of a vulnerable experience (because, hello, we’re basically just winging parenting) to spend the day in community with them.

“Whether you are raising a teenager or just starting your family, the methods prescribed in this book will help you unlock your greatest potential as a parent.” – Resilience Parenting

This book is for everybody.

Do you have children with special needs and often find that parenting books speak in generalities that do not apply? Fear not! This one is different. Are you a grandparent who finds yourself disenchanted with the “know it all” attitude that so many books about parenting poses? Not this one. The tone is humble and the words are powerfully wise and inclusive.

This book is for pediatricians, therapists, parents, grandparents, extended family, nannies, social workers, teachers, and the like. If you are involved in a child’s life in any capacity, this book is for you.

So let’s talk about it.

Over the next handful of days, I will be turning to the dogeared pages in my copy to review and write about the a-ha moments that happened for me while reading Resilience Parenting. I won’t give it all away – truly, you’ll love reading it – but I will share the lessons that I am learning from Chris and Holly’s years of experience.

I invite you to read along with me, and to join the conversation. You can purchase Resilience Parenting here: Amazon

While you wait for your copy to arrive, and for my first post to publish (soon, very soon!), you can read about the Santillo family’s travels here: Five Backpacks Family

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