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Posted July 14, 2018

Do you live full time in your RV, camper or van? Perhaps you prefer your tent. Maybe you travel in the summers, or are on the move every few days. No matter what your camping circumstances look like, boondocking is a great alternative to RV parks! So what is boondocking? We answer that question and more in this video! After months of incredible free camping experiences, we want to share what we have learned with you!

Check out these great boondocking locations:
Clearwater and Erickson Aircraft Museum in OR

You’ve heard about free camping, but can’t seem to find the sweet spots that everybody is talking about. Don’t worry, we were in your shoes just a few months ago!

In this video, we break down the process and share our favorite resources so that you can spend less time wondering and more time wandering!

Sites mentioned in this video:
Free Campsites:
Boondockers Welcome:
Harvest Hosts:
Thousand Trails:

Big THANK YOU to Life Among the Pines for their review on Campendium and their ongoing encouragement of our adventures. Thanks for giving us permission to share your information, guys!

Check out Life Among the Pines here:

Is it safe to camp in remote locations? We get asked this question a lot!

Degrees of safety vary by each camper’s needs and experiences. We are sharing our own tips and tricks that help our family feel safe while traveling full time. Let us know if we’ve missed something!

Heading out into the wilderness is an exciting adventure no matter how many times you do it! What isn’t exciting however, is being unprepared. In this video, we share our own tips and tricks for boondocking preparedness.

No matter what your camping circumstances are, boondocking is a great alternative to RV parks! But how do you boondock with kids and pets? This is a question that we hear often. In this video, we share our approach along with some tips and tricks that you can use the next time you explore a remote location with your family.



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